This a demo recording of a new song I've been working on, "Animated Morning."


It's got elements of rock and electronic kind of I guess.
Recorded with Reaper and my Line 6 Tone Port ux1.
The mix is a little shoddy.

Tell me what you think and if you want I'll listen to any songs you've got.

"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Whoops, my bad. Lol how embarassing.

It should be public now.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Sounds really good. The keyboard pads you are using kind of drown out everything else near the end though. Maybe have them sit back more in the mix. The effect (is it a wah or a echo maybe?) you were using at first sounded too heavily used but I could see how if you toned it down it would take away from the whole vibe of the song. All in all good ideas and the quality is pretty good so far. Can you crit my piece here
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Dude, like Aaron stated there are a few popping noises that could be dealt with. The instrumentation was pretty good, nice keyboards man it set the mood. I like the drums too, did you program them? Dude you should really get vocals on this, I think it would sound fantastic with vocals. It's a very nice song, sounds sorta 80s(i hope that doesn't offend you). Good job bro! Keep it up!

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I really dig how this track is so calm, yet filled with movement. Honestly, I don't know if I dislike it, other than the already suggested add vocals. For vocals I'd say something calm and soothing, maybe try a girl singing? I really liked the overall feel of it. Other than vocals I really wouldn't change much, in fact probably nothing

Here's my track if you're so kind as to return the favor.
Thanks to everyone for their crit.

I'll try to take care of the popping noises and I'm planning on adding vocals. I like the idea of calm vocals, Seanstrom. I'll probably go with that.

@inyourgirlagain to answer your question yes I did program the drums. I used Ez Drummer.

Thanks again to everyone, and I'll listen to all your tracks here in the next few minutes.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Very nice start, kind of reminds me of some Smashing Pumpkins stuff. Nice synth there, not overpowering the whole thing. The mastering could be a bit better tho, the drums sound a little bit distant and programmed, maybe you could try to vary the velocity of each hit a bit! love the bridge and the buildup following it, you got very nice guitar tones, and a nice sense of layering, very moving chords. However, I still think the mastering isn´t up to the quality of the song. I suggest having an EQ boost at 100 and 2500hz, as well as some compressor over the master channel! This should get this song up into professional sounding quality!

You can take a listen to some songs of my electronica/trip hop/hip hop CD at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1357180 . The songs are fairly short (mainly ranging from 1-2 minutes), so nothing big!
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Commenting whilst listening:

Interesting guitar sound/melody at the start.
Maybe make the drums louder in the mix?
Would be nice to hear some vocals.
Nice build up at 2:00
Quite an atmospheric song in general.
Nice bass playing.

Overall nice song, but maybe try and include vocals in future?

Keep it up
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