Hey Guys,

My band, These Blue Skies, has just finished recording our 2 track EP today, and I thought I'd share the recordings on here, and see what you guys think.

These Blue Skies is a Pop Punk/Hardcore band from the East Coast of England, and formed from the remains of 3 local bands. We are:

Alex Faulkner: Guitar/Vocals

Bryn Portas: Guitar/Vocals

Rob Lindsey: Keys/Synth

Alex Hebblewhite: Bass Guitar

Ollie Griffiths: Percussion

And we'd love you to take a look at our songs, recorded at Null Moon Studio, Scunthorpe (UK), by the wonderful Matt Crawford.


Thanking you for your time, any comments are welcome


Quote by barbaricmustard
I like it. Listening to 'Smile, It Might Never Happen' right now. Sounds good.

Thanks a lot, any and all comments are welcome

Glad you like the tunes anyway, I feel that SIMNH is our strongest song so far, and we have 2 other originals and 2 covers that we didnt have time to record.