People of UG! I come in need!

I'm buying a new PC for my new home studio. I'm planing to connect the mixer directly to the sound card. Will that work or do I need an interface?

The PC that I'm planing to buy has "Intel core i7" possessor with 4 Gigs of RAM and I was wondering what is the best sound card in my situation. My budget is around $200. Thanks for your time guys!
A drumer is needed!!

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will plugging a mixer into a stock sound card work?
Yes but you'll get latency to the extreme in most cases and will only be able to track once as you'll monitor and send it right back to the input on the second take...

I HIGHLY suggest an audio interface. For $200 you can get any of the following:
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Line 6 Line 6 Pod Studio (UX1 or 2)

I suggest M-Audio gear most of the time as I find them to be the best for the price and I've had great luck with them in the past. PreSonus makes good gear and good sounding preamps however the customer service is quite lacking.