There's a tree in a forest
somewhere, falling down,
but this road I am on
just keeps going and going
and means nothing to no one
but me, in this moment.
I flow with its curves
and I count every stripe
and the lights are not quite
as bright as I thought.
There is warmth in the speed,
spinning wheels that I'm urging;
there are crashes awaiting
for sleepers and sinners -
but neither are here
and I'm both, representing:
a dreamer, of sorts,
if you count for lost hopes
and a seeker of pardon
from the road, no one other.
Not a woman, nor man,
because they can forgive
but the asphalt spans on
as it heaves with my breath
that just started to burn
when my eyes,
when my eyes,
they took in
the next turn.
This is not a pipe
This is an excellent description of the road (keep your metaphors, I like the real thing ), whether in the desert in the dead of summer or in the rain on the greyest of days. What's around that next turn? Could be a couple of police officers tearing apart the inside of a truck, whose owner is nervously standing near the hood of the car with flashing lights. What's going on? Maybe you'll see the last ten miles you'll have to walk that day. The perfect hitching spot. A bear walking out of the woods. Beautiful and scary rapids just downstream the bridge at the bottom of the hill. All of these things within you. Within us. The part that doesn't forgive.

I really love this.
Wow this piece is really good! The best part is this piece can have many meanings if you want it to One could take as just a man on the highway, seeing sights, taking in the beauty that is the world around us, while another may take it as to that, no matter what happeneds, life goes on, all this stuff around us, well it fades with time. This is truely a great piece.
keep driving anyway.
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"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching