this sounds like a noob post and it's gonna be short but please don't take this as a noob question...

If i'm wanting to start a death core band what modes do I want to be using to get really dark sounding riffs, and solos? Everything I play is all happy stuff.

I know all about mode construction and stuff just simple sweet answers please haha
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use many minor intervals, especially the minor second. that one just seems to be real dark to me. if you can handle it, locrian mode seems to be okay, and I can make some really weird things happen with phygrian if I try hard enough. Just my two cents.

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Modes aren't what you're looking for. Play some songs by deathcore bands that you like and look at what intervals and scales they use. Then apply them in context.

Lots of diminished scales and minor scales is a start.
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Study some of your favourite bands to see how they write music. Look at their phrasing, timbre, instrumentation and note choice.

What good is anyone telling you to use some scale if you don't actually know how to use it in the context you are going for?