Hey GGA,

For recording purposes what other headphones besides the senheisser HD280s are studio worthy? I have used these for a couple of years and they kick ass for tracking. Any other opinions?

Also the studio i work at will be purchasing some backline equipment (ie 2 guitar amps and 1 bass amp) to offer clients. I am thinking of having 1 American Voiced amp (mesa most likely) and one brittish voiced amp (marshall most likely) but i dont really know what would be best or most well rounded to have in a studio. I also know nothing on bass amplifiers so a mid range (maybe around 1k) well rounded bass stack would be what im looking for.
By the way purchases have to be new because it is done through the university and we need the warranty.
^you need to PM Catharsis Studio (Ryan)

he hangs out in Recordings and Riffs forum most. eyebanez333 is helpful too - I will summon him.

as far as suggestions for amps, I can help you with that. But let's do it this way:

Budget? total and separate
Genres? what kinds of stuff do your clients play the most
New only? gotcha
Current Gear? what is in the studio now?
Closest City? helpful to me for scanning stores etc and knowing what country

Budget is really most important because you could get a Marshall JVM410, Mesa Road King, and a real nice bass amp for $5,500+

or you can get Marshall Class 5, Mesa Trans Atlantic and decent bass amp for say $2,000+
just depends on your budget and what kind of music you're wanting to record. Not all Marshalls or british-flavored amps are great for metal...and same goes for Mesas or american-flavored amps. Just depends on model.......and how much you can spend...and what genre's you're going for.

Bass amps are a different story altogether. Again...comes down to budget mainly. An Ampeg SVT will be ideal for most genres...but can be pretty pricey. I keep my Peavey Tour 450 in my studio all the time, and it's one of the more versatile bass amps I've played. They're dirt cheap too...for a rack-mounted, graphic-EQ bass head.

Those senheissers are nice headphones. My buddy's music group at school uses them. I have a couple sets of Audio-Technica ATH-M50s that are pretty nice. They go for $99 brand new...I got both sets for under that price on ebay in a single auction. I also have a set of Bose that I used to use with my iPod that I keep around...and a cheapo set of active noise-cancelling headphones that I bought at Walmart a long time ago. The ATH-M50s and cheapo noise cancelling ones get the most use...and they all three sound better than the Bose
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Mesa roadking would manage all you high gain and american voiced needs
In terms of a british voiced amp i'd suggest DSL50/100 or orange rockerverb50 MKII
but it all depends on your budget really
have you got cabs lined up aswell? or are you including them in your budget

Although... just occured to me you could do high gain and low gain all with the JVM410
it is still british voiced but the high gain settings are a lot more modern sounding
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