Should I bring headphones? I have only been playing about a year and I am not THAT good, I only have some Skullcandy earbuds that were like $20, should I buy some cheapish headphones or bring my earbuds? It isn't THAT necessary but I was considering it, though the only thing I would really be playing is some scales and maybe ONE song.
Just play through the amp like normal. It's a guitar store so its filled with veterans and beginners. No ones going to care if you're not that good and you'll benefit by hearing sound through the amp and not your headphones so you can make a better decision on which amp to buy.
Well, earbuds will only have 1/8" plug. 99% of amps that actually have headphone outputs will have a 1/4" jack. You could buy an adapter for it.

But really, you arent getting the full sound of the amp through buds or cans. You're better off just playing out loud, dont worry what people think, we all have to start somewhere. If some dick starts shredding to show you up just kick them in the face.

ANd if you're looking into valve amps, they more than likely wont have a headphone out.
No. If your going to try out amps then just play them so you can get a feel for what the amp sounds like. Headphones wont give you a true sound.
Which is what I thought, meh, I'm not exactly the first person you wanna be a dick to, so I think I'm fine anyway.
It might be a good idea if you're going to test massive amps, but it'd probably sound better if it was straight from the amp
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