so here it is. Its a 1975 American P Bass. I got it for free from a family member who bought it several years ago and never got around to using it. The thing has some serious bite to it. Even with 10 year old strings I had to turn down the treble on my amp. I can't wait to adjust the action and put on some new strings. The bridge protector makes it much easier to play with a pick. I am so stroked about this bass.
I'm going to hurt you. =|

Happy new bass day.


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Choice is a wonderful thing.
HNBD!!! Vintage Fender = mojo

She's a real beaut, any chance of some close up shots?
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You lucky, lucky boy. Maple fretboard too! Happy new bass day mate.
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i actually hate you, the only things my family members give me are socks and a scatter 20 dollar bill

HNBD though, shes a beaut
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