I'm looking to buy a new acoustic guitar, but I'm on a budget... so I'm looking to get the best sounding guitar in the range of 300-350$. I heard of Takamine, but maybe there are better options?

what do you play? I like ovation/applause. takamines are good too. try buying a used one. It'll be a lot cheaper
I'm mostly playing adapted versions of my band's compositions... we're playing rock. I'll give Ovation a look for sure! Thanks!
Seagull S6 Original. Check it out. It's an amazing guitar for the price.
Blueridge BR-160A
the ovations and taks in your price range don't sound very good to my ear.

yamaha makes some of the best sounding guitars at $300 and below. try the yamaha fg730s - it's my personal fave in that price range.

seagull entourage series sounds good, or if you can find a b stock seagull original s6 or original s6 slim i like 'em a little better. really they're one of my personal favorites in this price range or even a bit higher.

last, the blueridge br-40 if you can find it. a very full nice sound, a little more bass than the seagull.
Didn't even know Seagull and Blueridge... gonna take a look at those guitars. Thanks!
I would recommend Recording King. They come already set up and have bone nut and saddle even on the cheap versions. Sound great.
waldens are good, but i prefer seagulls. as far as recording kings, very nice for the price but the all solid lower end ones have a V neck, which some people like but some - like me - don't care for.
Thanks guys, but I'm gonna buy a Simon & Patrick. Not sure about what model yet...