Thanks for the replies before. Forgot to add to this post.

String noise.

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When i lift my hand off the strings to do the open string parts above (4h5 etc..), i seem to get alot of string noise off the higher strings.

Ive tried slighty lifting my hand whilst palm muting but dont find it as comfortable as lifting my hand just above the strings.

I hold my fingers straight out and hold the pick with my index n thumb.

How can i prevent this?

Should i be resting my fretting fingers across the higher strings and fretting?

(Becomes a little uncomfortable when using all fingers though)

Seems more common sense then technicality but i just want the best results.

This is a really noob question so i am sorry for that lol.

Thank you for your help.
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Make sure that your muting every string with your index finger, this should deal with the open strings. As for the 8th fret harmonic use the tip of your middle finger and rest it on the 6th string, and rest the side of your pink on all the strings below it. That should kill any harmonics.

or if your using you middle on the 10th fret mute the 6th string with you ring finger
Don't hold the pick straight out with your index and your thumb. Simply place the pick between your thumb and index finger, have the pick resting between your two smallest knuckles on your index finger. Then rest the side of your hand on the area between the two pickups (where you strum) and you should mute all the strings. If the muting just sounds like a bunch of "harmonics", then press down harder with the side of your hand (but not too hard).

The palm mute should have a "deep / thick" sound if you do it properly. And should also take care of extra string noise because you won't be "resting" over unused strings.
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Sorry i think you misunderstood my question. Thats how i hold the pick in your description anyway. I meant i hold my middle,ring and little fingers out straight/loosely as it feels like extra weight if i curl them in.

I was asking about when i lift my hand from palm muting and play the riff ^ and similar ones, i get alot of string noise as in my Original post.

Thank you though