Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not but it seems the best place.

I have a schecter synyster custom and it works great and all but the nut that holds the input jack in place keeps falling off and the jack falls into the guitar. ive managed to fix it a few times but that only temporarily works.

I just wanna know if you guys know any ways to permanently fix it without taking it to a shop or ruining the guitar.
Not familiar with that guitar but does it have a lock washer just under the nut? If not try one of these before doing anything drastic.

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that happens to my guitar and bugs the poop out of me
i tried to find a new screw thing to replace the thing that keeps falling off but i couldn't find any. i just used gorilla glue, it works but if not done correctly it can still shake around. im planning on just bringing it in the shop, i think u should too
i remember seeing somewhere that you can get this stuff that stops nuts spinning by themselves. head down to your local hardware shop perhaps and explain the problem, they might be able to help you (and for alot cheaper than taking it to a guitar shop or something)
The guitar came with one of the washers so i dont know if its just a faulty nut or what.
Just replace the whole jack keep the "football" cover though.
They are a few bucks at guitar center and you just solder them in.
I did this on 2 of my guitars because the input jacks were messed up.
They work perfect and are nice and tight now, no problems ^^
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If you don't want to get a new jack, you can tighten it up by holding the jack with some needle nose pliers, pull it out as far as it will go, and then screw the nut on. Use a pair of thicker pliers to really tighten it. This can be very frustrating though, so be aware of that.

Also, whatever you do, make sure the input doesn't spin, or you'll sever the wires inside.
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