Hey guys I have a new tube head coming in and I only have access to a marshall MG cab atm will this work? i dont wanna screw up a good head on an MG cab but if it works i'll go ahead and use it.

Anything else i should know? Tube maintenance advice would be awesome
Hey man I have used my ENGL SE el34 through a mg cab a few times, due to not being able to move my mesa cab, but it sounded a bit good, it doesnt get the whole power of the amp, but it will work. it also really depends on what head you bought, and about tube maintenance, I usually wait two minutes for the tubes to warm up and then i turn the amp on all the way, and they last depending on how often you play. hope this helps!
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If the impedances (ohms) match it should be fine, but it'll probably sound like

EDIT: what head did you get?
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You won't screw it up as long as the resistance matches. CHECK THAT FIRST! But obviously the speakers in the MG cab are of a lower quality than those of say, a Mesa cab but speakers are speakers. It will produce a sound.
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the answer is no

edit: match impedance and you won't hurt anything other than your ear for tone, get a new cab yo.
i'm actually picking up a 2x12 mesa cab. I drive an eclipse so a 4x12 is...just no.

but the cab wont damage my head? you'll see a NAD probably friday. but the brand starts with P .

so as long as I use a speaker cable, match my impedance to my head and cabinet, and let the tubes warm up im good to go? This head has to last me a longgg time and it'll be my only head so i'd rather not have it go out on me. like my bugera 6260 did.
Yeah, you should be fine as long as impedance matches and the speakers of the cab meet or exceed the RMS wattage of the head. You would calculate wattage by multiplying the handling of the lowest powered speaker by the number of speakers.
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what are the watts of the amp and the watts of the cab total?

sorry...yes, everything else you said is fine.

obviously never run the head without a cab plugged in.

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It will work and MG cabs don't sound that atrocious. I have to play through them all the time at rehearsal and they are fine. Though the ENGL XXL knocks it in fits.....
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Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a cab that can handle more power, so you wouldn't be pushing your tubes as hard?