Why am I posting again? Because fuck you.

Blazing fast power metal that is...well...powerful. Nothing but the best of the old school. Gritty, raw, old school head banging tunes at their best. Metal to its core.


Ostrogoth - Vlad Strigoi

If I had to choose one track to represent the entirety of metal, this very well could be my choice. Catchy riffs, raw and powerful vocals, thumping bass and drums. I dare anyone to listen and not head bang uncontrollably.

Ostrogoth - Ecstasy and Danger

Almost as good as the previous song.

All of their albums are recommended, the last and first one especially. Second is good, just not as good.
Ostrogoth owns! Glad to see them getting their own thread man, great call.
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What is with you giant cats..

Also, vocals are so awesome. Music is so awesome. I don't know. I love Ostrogoth.
Fantastic find. I am indeed headbanging uncontrollably. I've been trying to find some great heavy metal.

Thanks for sharing!
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Really enjoying this, glad you're back friend. I missed you and your awesome threads, the forum seems to be lacking in discussion of good bands, either that or it's just because don't log on as much as I used to.
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The forum is extremely lacking in good threads and the good threads hardly get posts. Kind of the reason I'm posting a lot less than before.

Glad to see you guys enjoy.