I was looking into a Zakk Wylde signature head (Marshall JCM 800 2203ZW) I noticed it contains the 6550 tubes for its power amp... but I was wondering where the amp head gets it distortion from, power amp or pre amp???

I was also wondering whats the difference between poweramp gain and pre amp gain?
Yeah. But the same can be said for DAR amps and other amps which use "weird" tubes...dammit I want a pair of KT120s..I might blow up my amp and burn my house down, but at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory
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Power amp gain= classic rock type tones (think overdriven fender)
Preamp gain= more modern type of distortion ( think peavey 6505 )
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power amp gain is only achievable when you turn the master volume high enough. so the answer is, if you're running it on the dirty channel and getting your gain from that, your using preamp distortion, but if you turn it up really high then you'll get some power amp saturation on top of that, which has a really smooth sound

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