Ok was searching round the net, and heard somewhere that baritone guitars can be tuned to standard tuning.
Also buckethead plays that white Les Paul which if I'm correct is a 27", because normal guitars look kinda small in his hands, but the Les Paul doesn't and he plays in Standard for some of his songs.
So can it be done?
yes it can be done (i assume you're talking about a 6-string baritone right?) you just need to set it up for that tuning because they usually come in BEADF#B.
You'd probably have to use really light strings, or maybe Buckethead is a just BAMF and tunes an octave down from regular standard(which would technically still be standard).
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Sure you can. My 8-string's 27" and in standard. There are a few people on Youtube with 30" scale guitars with high A strings above the high E that are fine. You just need to set it up properly with appropriate strings.

I use .010 to .046 if it's of any help.
I was able to try out the Buckethead Les Paul Signature and it was tuned to Standard, with what appeared to be regular gauge strings (best guess 10-46) so it is possible. Talk to a guitar tech and they could probably give you a better idea.
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Most extended scale guitars have graphite reinforcement rods running the length of the neck on either side of the truss rod so they can take whatever strings or tunings you throw at them.