well im trying to convince my friend to start a band with me. so far we have a guitarist and bassist lined up and i can also play guitar pretty well but we both want to do vocals. So i was thinking i could show him a band that relies on 2 vocalists in the hardcore world. so far i only know of the number 12 looks like you and SiKth

EDIT-wow haven't been on here in such a long time forgot about the music suggestion thread but anyways can you please just give me bands here since the deeds been done?
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Despised Icon has two vocalists and they're a pretty badass band. They're more deathcore than hardcore but you should look them up anyway.
Not hardcore, but they managed to pass off having multiple lead vocalists.

Tons of bands use a singer and screamer. But as for multiple vocalists that sing, that's usually only in choruses.
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Sonic Syndicate is a typical metalcore act that has two vocalists, they're pretty good.
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My crust/hardcore/metal band uses two vocalists. Also Despise You,Hatred Surge(not anymore but they did) and Nausea all have dual male/female vocalists who both scream.
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The Blackout
The Arusha Accord (Look them up now, insane!!)


Check us out, we'd really appreciate any feedback or support.

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Heard their new track?

(I can PM you a link if not)
i never knew despised icon had two vocalists
also me and him saw set your goals live at warped tour.then immediatly after hit the pits for emmure
but if you guys could keep the suggestions rolling in it will be appreciated.
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a lot of the older fall of troy songs have two distinct vocalists
I love how they are at similar register, yet different tone
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