Hi guys, i've been playing for about 6 months now, but only a few days back i've noticed something disturbing, my pinky angles inward(see the pic>>plz) when im playing the chromatic exercise(usually on 5th to 8th fret).....

is it normal or do i have to do something about it???

am i doing something wrong???
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How....spreading>>> like i should be able to stretch more than this or........how??

and if a continue to practice like this will it become a bad habit or after sometime ill be able to do it correctly???????
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anyone plz help.....

I was the same around 6 months and trust me, you can't just "spread out your fingers a bit", the pinky needs time to be able to stretch out. I stretch my fingers apart before I play with my other hand, just far enough to feel the stretch, don't over do it and hurt yourself. Other than that I just play guitar and make sure I use my pinky finger. I remember at about 8 months I tried to play "Every Breath you Take" and could not do those add9 chords for the same reason. I've been playing for just over a year and now my pinky doesn't sit at that angle anymore and I can play those add9 chords. You'll be fine, don't let it distract you or frustrate you, just keep on playin'.
Mine is exactly the same. Always thought it would just remain like that, good to know it will sort itself out eventually
Stretch like everyone else has said, then do stretching exercises. My left hand span is about half an inch more than my right hand span because i've stretched that hand over time through playing.