First off Im new here and my name is J.

With that out of the way, Im returning to the guitar after about a 2 year absence. Im looking for just some input on a few items Im looking at. The guitar has been pre-ordered so now I need a good amp in the $500-$600 range and possibly some effects.

Here's the amp front runners.
1. Peavey ValveKing 212-Played one yesterday seemed great but a little over what I wanted to pay. Especially considering a footswitch is additional.

2. Blackstar HT5-Not sure if Id get the combo, mini stack or mini half stack, but I like what Ive heard online.

3. Blackheart BH5HS Little Giant Half Stack

One other thing to consider I live in a crowded neighborhood. I am renting a house and not a apt. but the neighbors are packed in pretty tight. I do not want the law paying me a visit, just because I have to crank a amp to get a desired tone. Which is something Ive heard about the Peavey. Also I really prefer a true tube amp.

MXR M-402 CA Boost/OD
Boss DD-3 Delay
Dunlop SW-95 Slash CryBaby
Dunlop DC-Direct

Here I really prefer the MXR, Electro Harmonix line as I dont think you can beat a true analog pedal. Im about 95% positive about the ones listed, but Id like to add either a MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus or a EH Small Clone. Not sure if its in my budget for this go around though.

Lastly I know Im going to be asked what type of music do you play. Right now Ive been messing around with stuff like Hendrix, SRV, Albert King, Slash new record as well as some old GnR stuff, Led and Alter Bridge. And yes Im a huge Slash fan he's the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.

Any and all suggestions made I will take seriously and look for as much information as possible on the product. Testing things out myself is hard as we have one decent shop and its small, carries Peavey and G&L. Guitar Center about 4 hours north, dont know if I want to make that trip I hate driving.

Thanks in advance
The Blackstar is probably your best bet, because your style of music doesn't use the kind of distortion the VK pushes and the Blackheart has to be cranked pretty darn loud to sound good.
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There's some good vids on YT of the Blackstar being played at VERY low volumes and still sounding nice and full and punchy. Can't find them at the moment but will come back with them when I do.

I'm thinking about the HT-5 for exactly the reasons you are as well,seems like it's got a better OD channel than most small amps which is important for good flat-friendly sounds