Hi guys, need some assistance. My Classical guitar's peg, the high E one keeps popping my strings some how. Basically where I'm getting at is that as I tune up my high E string at a cirtain point it doesn't want to tune any higher leaving me with an un-tuned string. As I keep turning the knob on the peg I feel like the string is sliding off the peg and eventually causes it to pop. Then I would have to re-string my high E string.

What should I do? maybe tighten the peg knob? How do I do that if that's the case? Replace the pegs with new ones? Much thanks.
you are not putting your strings in correctly c: as easy as that, the pop sound is when the tension can´t already support the way you winded it.

Try going through the little hole two times, that will make it c:
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Ok, do you think I should include more of the string's length? It's possible I might have cut it a bit short.
Go to the site I've linked to below. He shows you how to restring a classical guitar at both ends of the string. Also, nylon strings take time to stretch in order to hold their tune. It can be up to 3 days or so before you'll get a decent tone and tuning out of a new set, but they also last a lot longer than steel strings do. Be patient in other words and what ever you do, don't try to pre-stretch the strings as you would with steel strings. This can create thin spots in the string and cause premature breakage.
Here's the site: