I enjoyed the different types of styles in the song, it made it so that i had to pay attention to what you were going to do next. Over all it was a well played and put together song, well done.
I like the general feel of the song in the beginning - it sounds trippy, like I should be in a field somewhere star-gazing. It segues to the middle-eastern sounding part beautifully. The distorted part came in the first time a bit harshly, though I like the way you lead out of it. Oh, and those clean runs you do add a distinct flavour. I loved the tremolo in the second distorted part.
I do feel that the end drags a tiny bit - you've set up a great feel and environment for the song, so why not take the liberty and jam out a little more, instead of repeating the main theme?
But, I like! The main theme is still playing through my head. Dum dum dum di dum...

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Very nice bro, I liked the intro passaging, it sounds really dreamy and then yeah going into the middle eastern passage, its really cool. The distorted part could've faded in a bit or something, it sounded a bit forced. The way you abruptly stopped seemed alright though, strangely enough. I absolutely love the clean and distorted parts man, it just sounds weird but it totally fits well. Great job! I loved it. 9/10 :P

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Thanks for the input everyone. I greatly appreciate it and I've returned the critiques. I've been debating rerecording the distorted sections with a smoother tone so I may experiment with fading them in.

Powerhead, you mentioned that I could have "jammed out a little more" at the end. Would you have preferred that I drew out the second distorted section and just finished the song with a really big solo, or still gone back to the clean but done a more embellished flashy version?

Thanks again for the input everyone. Anyone have an idea for a title, or some more input?
Hey man first of all thanks for commenting on mine! And I like it alot...

The guitar is a little bit off at parts at the start other then that the tone is pretty good...Some vocals would be cool it reminded me of metallica..
Listening as I type.

Interesting contrast between the "major sounding" melody and the eastern one.
Not sure if I like the overdriven guitar part or not, not sure if it fits the song.

Nice tremolo picking part, but again, not sure if it fits into the song.
The songs parts seem to be very different, but then again, I guess it is prog.

Overall, interesting song, not really my genre, so it's hard for me to comment, but interesting ideas, and nice melodies.
Keep it up
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hey sounds cool. the first riff is pretty chilly and you know relaxing.. i cant remember the name but it reminds me of a cool song ... still cool the hard part now.. nice tone...
how did you do the drums??

over i guess it's reptty progressive and cool but the parts could go one itno another more smoothly yuo know

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Thanks for the input guys. I sequenced the drums on a program called beatcraft. It's a $40 (I think) online download. You really can't beat it for the money. I've used a program called Hydrogen before that's free, and it sounds alright.