I have ordered a Fender Deluxe Reverb and in a few days it will be the newest addition to my rig. This one has been slightly modded. It had NOS tubes, a cannabis rex speaker and a switch to take the bright off of the vibrato channel.

For $700 do you guys think I have made a good decision? I love my champ but it doesn't have the clean headroom or features I desire.
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Well from what I can see the DRRI seems to go for around $900-1000 new, so that's a pretty good price to get it for with those mods as well.

The CR is a great looking speaker too, I'm probably going to get one ... as soon as I have a 1x12 combo to put it in

So yeah - good choice! I was I could get deals like that
that sounds like a fair deal to me.
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