Okay, C4C if you link me to your tab at the bottom of your post. In particular I want feedback on the drums in the end section.
rock song.gp5
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No offense, but I wouldn't classify that as death metal. As your tab is titled, I'd call it rock. The drums aren't bad, but could use some adjustments.
mmm... This doesn't sound death metal, this sound like simple rock, if you're tring to write DM, i suggest you first to try writing some thrash metal till you can write nicely, then move to death metal, if you want some death examples check the songs in my signature
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hey man , first of all , its very short , way to short to be a song.

i mean its not bad , but its nothing more than a few pieces tied together , there seems to be no structure or story or anything , so i think you should really add some parts here an there.

and second of all , why label it as something , why not just let it be what it is if this is the kind of music you like to make , cuz people only get wrong "expectations" this way.
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Once again it has pretty much no Death Metal sound at all. If any thing it is just standard rock music.

If you want to write death metal, try learning some songs and evaluate the techniques and structures within the them. Eventually you start to get better.
if you're going to write a drum beat, just start with a simple kick-snare pattern and then fill in the flourishes...what you have is pretty weak
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