so i recorded this song today in about 4 hours ish, its kinda industrial/metal.... um... death metal something? i dunno about all the categories you youngsters got today but check it out, i think its pretty heavy.

its called "god awful"

^^ same...

ok well this genre is not my type of thing but it's pretty good... the song i mean.. it's too slow and heavy... are the drums EZ or DFH??
pretty well mixed id say... and the outro leads stuff was cool

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uhh...wow...this song is friggin insane!!!!!!

...love it.....What did you use for recording the guitar, drums, and what DAW!?
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This is a heavy song man :P I was a bit scared when the vocals first came on but then I got used to them Dude this is actually a very nice song, the mixing is great too The instrumentation is good too. Sooo insanely heavy, that is awesome Good job bro! keep it up!!

Crit my song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512