Checked Google, checked customer support, etc., and found nothing, so I figured I'd give the Pit a try.

I recently started using Pinnacle Studio 14 along with a Dazzle capture card to record from my Xbox onto my computer. On Monday, a few friends and I got together and recorded a Let's Play of Halo 3 (which you should all check out on this shameless plug ).

We recorded the video on Pinnacle, and the audio in Audacity. Overall, it turned out to be about 5 1/2 hours long. However, when I put the Audacity MP3 into the Pinnacle editing bar thing, it seems to be unsynced. At the beginning, it matches perfectly with what's on screen, but, as the video progresses, it gets more and more behind. By the end of the video, the audio is 3 minutes behind the video.

Anyone know how to fix it? It was a lot of work to record, and I want it to come out well
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