Hey Pit, I'm working at SCarowinds again this year. Last year I asked you guys to help come up with ideas for my character, and I did have some good ideas that I used and they seemed to work.

This year I'm a zombie (how original?). Each monster this year has a background that we have to act off of. We can expand the role.

My character's background:
I'm a zombie that was stuck in purgatory, and now I'm trying to find a way to become alive.
(I know, I know, shouldn't a zombie already be alive?---"the living dead." )

Well, I got nothing on this role except to act like a cliche zombie and sowly walk and groan. BORING!.... I need some help to come up with ideas to scare and to freak out the park guests. NOTE: I will have props around me (bones, tombstones, etc.). Any idea would be helpful... Any phrases I should say?

Also NOTE: I can NOT touch the guests ni ANY way, I can not curse, flirt, or say anything offensive... We also are not allowed to crawl anymore due to safety issues.

Thank you for the help and any ideas that you guys come up with.
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It always freaks people out when you follow them real close after scaring them. They may laugh at you and say it's weird, but that's just their way of dealing with how amazingly uncomfortable it is.