Ey I have a pretty old (not sure what year, but it's not a newer one thats for sure) Peavey Classic 30 for sale, I bought it used from a friends uncle and so I'm looking to probably sell it for...maybe 375? It's in perfect working condition, it plays nice and sounds great on clean, with the right distortion pedal you can get any variety of distortion from death metal, to ACDC rock sounds, I love it's distortion but I'm in need of some money so I'm looking to sell some stuff. Comes with Foot switch and hell I'll even throw in a wah-wah pedal I have lying around I never use. (Nothing special I got it for like 30 bucks at a guitar store)

If you want pictures just text me and i'll give it to you. The only major flaw with it is that it's a little dirty, and that the Peavey logo on the front, the bottom of the P broke off in a gig, but the cover over the front is completely fine. PM me if interested, I'll give you more details.

Not willing to ship outside of USA. Sorry guys.
Double post. My bad, PM me, don't text me I'm not given out my number to everyone lol