What are some amazingly cool solo acoustic pieces!?
Some examples may be "Drifting" by Andy Mckee
or "Michael,Michael,Michael" by Donn Ross.

Share some awesome tunes you've heard! Can you play them?
OK listen to Brad Paisley's "What a Friend we have in Jesus" from his "Play" album. It's amazing

Oh and BTW - no way can I play this....
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There are so many different styles and genres it's hard to pick....

Doc Watson laid down some amazing stuff; his version of Black Mountain Rag where he plays though the thing at a pretty good clip, and then does it again at double that speed....

Leo Kottke's first "Six and Twelve String Guitar" had some amazing tracks; everyone I knew who was playing back then said Whoa! What is he doing?
Look up Rodrigo y Gabriela. Anything by them is awesome.
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Take a look at just about anything Laurence Juber, Doyle Dykes, or Tommy Emmanuel have done solo acoustic. Every single one of them are completely insane players that are in their own league.
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