I got offered a vintage carvin 4x10 8 ohm speaker cab from a family friend this weekend. It's got four 65 watt speakers running in series. So 130 watts per side?

Now, i have a bugera 333 head that i plan to run through this thing, is the high wattage going to blow the speakers? He said that was something i should look into. I called my local guitar center and they said it should be no problem.

what do you guys think?
If it's an 8 ohm Cab with 4 speakers, they could be connected in a number of ways.

First, is it a stereo Cab? You mentioned 130 watts per side...

Is there 2 sides?

If not, your cab can handle 65watts x 4 = 260 watts.

If stereo, 65 Watts x2= 130 watts per side.
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