Hello everybody... It's been a while since my last topic starting

So here's the deal. For my rhythm guitars, I use Lepou's HyBrit Head with Tubescreamer in the front, and a catharsis-awesometime impulse.

I want a kind of Iced Earth-ish rhythm sound, and I believe I've achieved that with the aforementioned chain.

For my lead, (with which I'm not completely satisfied) I use Lepou's Lextac with a SimuAnalog Tubescreamer in the front, and the same catharsis-awesometime impulse.

The thing is, I want another Marshall-based sim for my lead. I've tried SimuAnalog's but didn't like it. It's waaaaay too bassy. I've also tried the Revalver Demo but didn't like it either, it's very "dark" and "bassy" as well.

What other Marshall-based sims could you suggest? If it would be of help to you, I could upload a screenshot of my current chains later today. Maybe you could suggest some changes on my rhythm chain, so as I use it for lead... I don't know...

Anyway, thanks in advance for every comment/suggestion etc...
How to Program a Metalhead ?
Ummm... Well I don't particularly like Guitar Rig for my main sound and Amplitube is too heavy for my machine, it crashes etc... Sorry I didn't mention this in my first post.

I'm looking for something free, you know?

Well maybe I'll try to alter my rhythm settings and change impulse, but I don't know if that'll make THAT of a change... Mainly because I have the mids and treble up and bass down. If Im correct, this is kind of a lead sound already so...
How to Program a Metalhead ?
Go tryout some of Softubes amp sims. Fantastic sounding. In my oppinion best sounding, and most simpel amp sims on the market.
@drawnacrol: That, I haven't. Although I have tried some of their high-gain models. But not the classic line... Maybe I should check that...

@Soundscape: I will, but you know it's still a paid software and I think it's a lot more than I can use right now... Anyway, I will try it though because also a friend of mine has recommended me this some time ago.
How to Program a Metalhead ?
i find that acmebargig is great for playing alone, but i find i need to bypass the cab and use an impulse to get something that fits better in a full mix. just a quick tip as you are trying it out
You mind explaining bypassing? I'm not familiar with this stuff Simple recording here hehe

I use Voxengo Boogex for loading impulses, I thought this was the cab simulator...
How to Program a Metalhead ?
well i use acmebargig's shred, which has the entire chain built in. its got the head, effecs and a cab/room simulator. theres a button at the bottom to bypass the cab.

now i think they also have heads that dont have cab sims built in, in which case it wont be an issue.
i wouldnt worry about getting a marshall based amp sim. Marshall is not too far up there as far as high gain tones. Lepou just released a beta for his mesa sim, check that out.

also post your chain, i just want to see it for any corrections
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I know that you can change the 'quality' of the Amplitube plug-ins... I can't hear the difference between highest quality and high quality (low quality you can hear it). That may be a fix if you're interested in that program.