After reading that thread about the Yanks opinion's/stereotypes on the UK, i'd like to set a few facts straight and clear up misconceptions. At some stage we all hate where we're from, and being English we are actually quite keen to moan about it. So after we've cleared up some misconceptions, i'd like to share some good points

Fellow UK'ers Unite!

"Crews roaming round stabbing you if they don't like the look of you" - This is largely untrue, whilst there are occurrences of random members of the public being attacked, it is largely "crew vs crew" stabbings, or personal vendetta's. And it isn't as wide spread as people like to think.

The whole LOLS DENTAL PLAN DENTAL PLAN that we apparently "readily need" is at best - moderately true. Whilst as a nation we are deemed to have bad teeth, we actually don't have the worst You can't rely on Family Guy for true depictions of countries, otherwise i'd believe Sweden's male population only work in bread shops and say peter like 'payuter'. That being said, i have no doubt that in a group of 10 you could probably find 3/10 with bad teeth - but then it's one deficiency? If we took 10 Americans surely we could find a problem with them if we wanted to?

As for being loud and so on, sadly i do agree that -especially- abroad UK'ers have a bad reputation for being drunken louts, but this is mainly the lower classes that say, frequent Malaga or various chav retreats like that and address waiters as "Pedro". And sadly that is the mass populous, so i can't really argue against it other than say that it shouldn't be a blanket statement.

As for the Tea affair, i personally don't drink it as i don't believe it is true Tea in the sense of history, i view true Tea as that of which you find in Japan and Taiwan - where a KG of leaves go for over thousands of pounds over the mass produced powder that the mass drink in England.

As for "Better religious culture" - this is mainly centered around a general feeling of disappointment with religion itself, it is however a big misconception that the UK is in general Atheist. This is far from the case, people have just to reverted to personal beliefs whilst generally accepting others beliefs - which i personally think is the way forward for religion.

As for "UK comedy > All" - generally this is true. However people that are disagreeing with that statement have only been subject (probably) to the shit you see on BBC Three and shiz like that. I personally believe the UK currently is a dried up hole of comedy, with memories of a golden past. Purely because the comedy has reverted to something that Henry the 8th would of enjoyed - Jester like, someone who gets paid millions for farting or something incredibly stupid like that. But some good stuff is still emerging, it's just getting harder and harder to find the things like that.

The Good Stuff

Our country, is very beautiful (in the right spots ) :

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Our sense of spirit and the compulsion to do the right thing, to go above and beyond is very strong in our nation - whilst we are overall a pensive nation with a feeling of general sadness, we can rise above it and show our true colours.

We have the best special forces unit, In the World. And, we have like 1/5 of the funding the US does for the special forces units (note the plural).

The English Rose - or English Women Whilst most are generally tangerine faced, plastic nailed vodka downing louts - there are some amazingly beautiful women around, with amazing inner beauty. Whilst they all mostly suffer from the idea that they are "really ugly!" - this give us UK men to prove them wrong

Flame Shield Activate! We have also produced some of the best music (modern era) in the world.

We have Radiohead, USA has Kiss - that defines the difference between us, i can't really put it any better

Yes we may be reserved, and generally be distant with one another - but this is a time thing, after so many years, after so many adventures, that wall is broken down and in those circumstances we lose that reservedness and distance and become alot closer than even the English perceive.

We have the best fighter planes ever invented (Spitfire)

We have people who have been so disillusioned with the Government that they take a fort just off the UK and claim to be a Prince. And, when the government increases their area of territory from 3 miles to 12, the day before we change our forts territory from a mile to 6 (Micro-nation Sealand)

And when people storm our micro-nation fort, we rent a helicopter and a james bond movie pilot, and take that mutha back. Oh and we have a gunfight with the person we originally set up the fort with, kill him then run it with our wives.

These are just a few things to be proud of, and a few things to not be
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apparently us scots run round in skirts all the time xD
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Even being from the UK I disagree with some of what you said
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Yeah we're pretty damned awesome.

Two other things.

We have the RNLI which is the most awesome rescue service ever. And it's still not funded by government in any way.

We also produce a lot of shit TV that consists mostly of period dramas that can be easily sold to the US to fit in with their idea of what we're like. Our TV stations rarely branch out.
Also, the UK has an unlimited supply of TV detective series.
I swear, there's got to be a million of them.
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- sorry but you do get attacked randomly. i've had it done and know plenty of people who've had it done. might not be every single day but it's enough to be true.
- people drink tea all day every day and often with biscuits or cheese or something. and this is EVERYONE i'm talking about.
- i've found a lot of people are atheist and probably the majority of young people are. it's very much going to be the majority soon.
- don't use radiohead to define us. considering this is a guitar website, a lot of people will be impressed by the likes of cream and zeppelin.

also, it rains here everyday which is far from a misconception if anyone really doesn't believe it. try coming here, my neighbour's calender had like 2 days of not-being-rain the other month and probably the last 2 months were the same.
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this thread was not needed, nor is it relevant. no offence buddy, but you're in no position to generalise 60 million people in a few paragraphs.

socially, the uk is no different to any other developed western country. politically, we're backward and totally transgressive. if we were forced to rebuild most of our industry and infrastructure after a sound spanking from the germans (like a number of european countries) i dont think we'd be in such a state.
We also have the best cider in the world. Get down to Bristol if you don't believe me.
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But the U.S. is a shit hole.

Mainly the Midwest.

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We also have the best cider in the world. Get down to Bristol if you don't believe me.

This is possibly the one good thing about the UK: the alcohol. There's Scottish and Irish whiskeys, English microbrews, Devon cider, Lindisfarne mead (yes, this exists!), English sherry and gin (especially sloe gin which is yummy) and there's even a number of purely English and British wines now, some of which are beating France in competitions.