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I'm going to paste 2 blog posts of mine:

Reality TV

Although this blog is titled Reality TV, it is really about entertainment today. What exactly has become of it? So called 'celebrities' are televising their every move and people doing whatever it takes for any form of fame - however good or bad that may be.

Where has the integrity gone? Whatever happened to Jimi Hendrix? Bill Hicks? Damien Rice? It seems that integrity is an ever distancing subject and soon, it will be a thing of the past.

Let me quote Bill Hicks:
"Any performer that ever sells a product on television is now and forever and for all eternity removed from the artistic world, I don’t care if you shit Mona Lisas out of your ass on cue. You’ve made your ****ing choice.”

If Bill Hicks were alive today to see What Katie Did Next...

Who watches this? Who finds watching society's finest on Big Brother entertaining? If one of these people sat next to you on a train would you give them the time of day?
It's perverse, to watch scum live their lives - every single move.
Philo Farnsworth would be so proud...

Where did it all go wrong ? When did our musicians and other celebrities become this obsessed with any form of short term fame that they had to completely sell out ?

Corporate Imperialism. Everything has become about advertising, morals and money. I wish I grew up in an era when music was about passion, integrity and artistic merit.

TGI Fridays

TGIs have succeeded in ruining a perfectly good meal of mine due to how petty I am when it comes to topics I feel strongly about. I wrote a letter of compaint to them and am optimistically awaiting a reply, the letter itself will sum up my complaint:

Dear TGI Fridays,

I must start by stating that I am not the type of person to complain about anything. Whenever I receive bad service or bad food somewhere I attribute it to an unfortunate ‘one-off’ and so leave it at that. However I saw something in your restaurant recently which really confused me – and so felt the necessity to point it out to you.

There is a wall (at the Gordon Street side) of your restaurant with pictures of iconic artists and bands. On the wall is a ticket from The Police, Woodstock, The Rolling Stones and pictures of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga.

Can you spot the odd one out?

May I ask what Lady Gaga is doing on that wall? I’m sorry to sound petty – but musical technique and artistic integrity is something which I am rather passionate about. “But Lady Gaga has both of those!” you might say…well, true – but not quite on the scales of the artists on that wall. She’s no Bruce Springsteen is she?

Lady Gaga, at best, is just this generation’s Madonna. She is the product of corporate imperialism and musical demand of 15 year old girls with too much birthday money. She may be ‘unique’ and ‘something different’ but not on the bigger scale of things. Not like Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson were unique.

She does not fit in on that wall. She stands for something entirely different than the rest of the artists did. They have a passion and they play from their hearts - they set foundations for music that all the artists of today, the Lady Gagas and all the other pop artists, have risen up within.

As I say, just an observation…

Yours faithfully,

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Some people have weird definitions of musical integrity. There is enough integrity in music today, and even some of the big artists have it.
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wow a bit serious/too far :S you wrote a letter of complaint bout gaga being on the wall wow....sounds like you have a little too mcuh time to spare tbh :S
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On the wall is a ticket from The Police, Woodstock, The Rolling Stones and pictures of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga.


MJ and Bon Jovi are just as bad as Gaga in terms of "playing the system", neither had genuine integrity as artists. But since they're "old" or dead you can't say anything negative about them.

More to the point what sort of person feels the need to complain about something like this? Even in England, the cultural home of moaning and miserableness, that seems over the top...

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I wrote the letter with a friend as a joke when we were drunk. It was intended to be funny, not serious.
The first post however was intended to be serious.

I had an argument with a guy in the pub the other night who told me I knew 'nothing about music' because I was listening to Bach. He then laughed at the fact I liked metal and said I didn't deserve a musical opinion. He also stated that he knew what real music was and that, quote, 'I only listen to dubstep and drum n bass as they are the only 2 real genres.'

It's things like that which annoy me.
I completely disagree with your letter to TGI Friday’s.Ranting about the fact that Lady Gaga isn’t as great as the others on the wall."She stands for something entirely different than the rest of the artists did.”-First off,not every artist needs to play rock n roll to deserve a place on that’wall’.You also clearly stated she is the Madonna of this generation.Look back to the time when Madonna started her career and you’ll know what im trying to say.You also said Lady Gaga is “unique” and “different”but not on the bigger scale of things like Led Zeppelin et al?
Now,believe me im a big time metal head and i love rock n roll but ranting about an artist just because he/she isn’t led zep or a member of the beatles is complete ignorance.
If people like you start taking over,there will never be new music.Music has never been about using the same patterns,if you were a ‘real’musician or music lover you would have known that.
Respect each artist for who they are and learn from them.We’re sitting here on ultimate-guitar.com and they’re the ones touring and making money doing what they love.Get it now?

and oh yeah-the first blog is good.i agree with that.
Have a good one.and best of luck with everything.Cheers.
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