Hello everybody.

I bought a couple of months ago an interface - an Alesis IO2 express - and it worked great on my old computer (vista) with g.r. 4 and cubase sx.

Just recently I bought a new laptop (windows 7) and there I instaled the cubase that came with the interface, cubase LE5, and the same g.r. version mentioned before...

Problem is: now I can't seem to set properly the inputs and outputs...neither on cubase nor on g.r.

I tried a forum with a topic dedicated to Alesis stuff but I haven't got any replies there...

Aparently I am able to use the interface directly and record on cubase. But I can't hear my recordings because the sound comes through the computer and can barely be heard.

I have some screenshots of the error messages I get and the settings, I'm not going to post them all here because they would make this thread heavy and hard to read...

But you can read the post I made on the other forum and see the screenshots and maybe some information I may have forgoten to mention.

heres the link: Click here

Thank you very much for reading, hoping to hear from you again soon
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