I forgot to close the door,
But you won’t be coming anymore
You were always there, your love was true
But I’m afraid I can never again see you

It was supposed to be a perfect day
Everything was going my way
White roses all across the room,
I never expected anyone’s doom

I sat in the corner, humming our song
Waiting for tomorrow seemed too long,
It was a cold night, I’m on my own
But then I realized… I wasn’t alone…

A shimmer of silver, I swear I saw,
I have to defend myself, even if I’ll break the law
He had a knife… I have my ultimate flood,
I bit harder… and sucked his blood.

There he laid, hands closed tight
I stared at him… a familiar sight
He had no knife, but a silver necklace,
What have I done? I know his face…

Tomorrow was supposed to be my wedding day
But things just went the other way
Blood covered every inch of the room…
In the middle, laid the dead body of my Groom…

I forgot to close the bloody door,
But I can’t be with you anymore
I apologize for accidentally killing you…
One last kiss… one last whisper … I Do.

-- ^^; i'm obviously new here...
though i always visit this site for chords and stuff,
it's just now that i made an account..
and i don't know how things work here.. so bear with me.

here's just something i'd like to uhm post...
written November 27, 2009 title Bloody Wedding Bells..
bullets and pills,
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