Well this isn't really my style of music, but overall it was pretty good. Especially if you really started playing only 9 months ago. The guitar playing is quite good.

My only complaint is that with the synth and piano (and this probably boils down to personal taste) the song sounds kinda cheesey. Maybe that's what you were going for, or maybe it's just preference. It's really a bad thing, it's a fun listen.

Vocals will defintely spice it up a lot. Other than that there isn't much else to say. You did a damn good job. Look forward to hearing more.
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the days go so slow
Thanks Bro. And yes i REALLY only startes playing 9 monts ago. I play like 6 hours a day, some times more. I started with a friend of mine at the same time(7days before),and im light years ahead of him. Its all how bad you want it.

This song was made for a Female vocalist. We were at a party and i was jamin with a couple people Keys and another Guitarist(My Freind) we bassically played the music that you hear on that track and she started singing "Your my Favorite Flaver". So i went home and made the track from what we did.

There is no Synth in the track just the piano chords and to string sections playing 3rds and 5ths harmonys. then my lead guitar was played twice so when i bent the note they kind of go out of sync with each other, hitting diffrent pitch's. This track does sound kind of cheap because it is a Pop/Rock song kind of like Evenesence. The Female is such a good singer that when you hear the finished version you will be all caught up and wont even notice the cheesieness. But hey it still has some heavy Crunching in the back.
The song sounds exactly like something that you would hear in a 1980's movie.....

Quite good that you could achieve a style of music from so long ago. Not many seem to be able to that, even when trying...
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Wow dude this was pretty good, I would work out to this song :P But really for only 9 months, you are skilled man. As a songwriter and a guitarist I have no complaints about the song, it sounds really nice. The mixing is good too, just add some vocals and it would be realllly great

Crit mine? I'm trying to find a vocalist for the song, so no vocals for now :/ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512