Verse 1:

Take a step beyond the circle of your life
take a look at the world as it goes spinning by

Someday, someday!
I'll be falling away, falling away!
And know that this is not the way
I wanted this to end, can you
erase those lines in the sand?

Verse 2:

Numbers flying off the clock
the moon makes her course across
the sky, pages fall from the calender
and where are you when the times
unwind? Slow your pace can you
see the lines in your face?

Repeat Chorus:


Sun and moon and stars collide
past and future they've both died
and I still wait for the time we all
stop wondering if the ferryman will take
the coins from our eyes and if the sky will
tell the signs.

Just breath!

Verse 3:

No going back to what has been
and Doc won't be there to change what we've seen
and if you could would want to try to change your life?

Repeat Chorus:

Any crits, thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, the song is all acoustic.