i know, whales, again? im writing a short series for a section in a book i'd like to publish.

bblblublue whale,
hoisted by jellyfish on
threaded twine,
can i kiss your nose?
your mouth?
i would if i knew that would make things
but i won't-
i'd like to take refuge in your aching
i'd like to re decorate it with pictures of
my lover and family-
i'd like just to walk you home,
to know you're okay.
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I am loving every single one of these. They're so simple and pretty.

I want to read this book.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I really thought the lines were lovely and liked the fact that you're using blue whale in your lyrics(I'm a sucker for all things cute)
Maybe change the last line to "If only to know you're okay"
Also can you pls tell me the meaning of this piece??(I dont usually get such stuff)


P.S You can surely work out a better title?
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thank you very much guys.

meaning-wise, i think it makes sense if you've read my other pieces and i don't like to give a piece a distinct meaning, because that kind of ruins others interpretations, thanks though.