Hi guys. I have been playing Electric Guitar for about 2 years now. And im pretty good.

But now i need a Bass, for my own interest and to jam with friends. I am going to play mostly Rock, Metal, Blues and Funk. I need an amp aswell. My budget is about £250. THX
Used Ibanez GSR for the bass.

Whatever you can get one of them for pricewise will determine what amp you can get.

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Yorkville amp if you can find it second hand, they're cheap and resilient. Mine had the worst pot scratching I'd ever hear and it corrected it's self after a few turns of the master.
With that budget, it's unlikely you'll be able to get both a bass and an amp that could keep up with a drummer and guitarist. You're looking at more of a practice amp and bass with that kind of budget.

Look for an Ibanez GSR200, Yamaha RBX170, Squier Standard, Vintage Modified, or Classic Vibe series Precision or Jazz Bass, or Peavey Millennium for a bass.

As for an amp I'd suggest you look used. A used Kustom KBA10 would be a good bet if you can find one, but other than that look to Peavey or Ashdown for good, affordable amps.
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