What do you consider to be a low action on the 12th fret high E ?
Something around 1.2 mm ?
Being able to fit a jazz III between the string and the fret (metal part)without raising the string is decent. My preference however is barley more then those medium dunlop 60mm. So probably way lower then 1.2mm (not really way just feels like it to me).
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Action is very subjective. I can almost fit 2 Jazz III's in between my fret and string, and I think it's low, and I still get buzz. It's different for every person and every guitar.
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Mine is like half way between 4/64 and 5/64. So around 1.6-1.8 mm. I would consider that medium-low. I have a little under 6/64, like 2.2-2.3mm on the low E string at the 12th fret. Which is probably considered medium action height. I don't understand how people can play a guitar set to like 3/64 and 4/64 on the low E without fret buzz somewhere on their guitar. I may pick a little on the hard side though, trying to lighten my touch.
my one guitar is set to about 1.2 mm on the high E it sounds a little buzzy un-amplifying or at low volume, but not to bad if the amp's turned up a bit. But as no dead notes anywhere, or it doesn't fret out on bends should I leave it as it is? The trouble I find is, if I raised the action, I find it more difficult to play lead, as I've only been playing about 2 years.
See that's part of my problem. If I hear any buzz unamplified, I will immediately raise the action, even if i can't hear it plugged in. haha I'm a little picky about it you could say. What I have noticed about action height in my years of playing is that after a couple days, you can get used to just about any action height say up to about 7/64 on the low E string 12th fret. You can even trick your brain into thinking it is low by raising up your action, higher than it needs to be. Play it that way for a few days, then just lower it slightly, but still higher than you had it originally. This lower action will usually feel very easy to play to you because you got used to it at a higher setting, even though it isn't as low as you had it before.

I find that I like the sound/tone of my guitar so much better when the action is at like 2.2 on the low E and around 1.7 on the high e, as opposed to when it is lower. On top of that every note on every fret is clear as a bell. I got used to this action height fairly quickly, within a few days or so. I do play clean a lot though. Only occasionally use distortion. Do what is right for you.
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