Need help from this great community once more

My American tele is a great guitar. And I play like coldplay, radiohead, Srv, on it, I'm using GHS boomers, and they are great, but they get so dirty so quick.
I use hand sanitzier and clean them everyday but they are still so dirty and worn out.

Does anyone know a better string to use?
either Ernie Ball Super slinkys or D'Addario strings are both good
I don't trust D'addarios anymore. I wouldn't recommend them personally. What do you use to clean the strings?
I use like a guitar polish cloth, and a towel to wipe them down.
Like if I play texas flood and my hands are sweating it ruins the strings,
I need some bad ass strings that this wont happen too.
I like DRs or cleartone which last as long as elixir but thinner coating
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I just posted about this literally like a minute ago.

There is no "best string". Every person and every guitar will agree with a certain kind of string, due to many things including the build of the guitar, the genetic makeup of the person, and the environment being played in. Getting suggestions on here will do nothing for you. The only way you can find strings that will work is by trying all different kinds until you find one that works.

Fortunately strings only cost around $5, and you have to replace them anyway, so it shouldn't take unfathomably long for you to find a good kind, unless you have really bad luck.
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Quote by SilverSpurs616
Elixirs. Mine have never gotten dirty, and they last far longer than Ernie Ball (months longer!)

Ernie Ball sells coated strings now so im pretty sure that arguments out the window. Of course we could go round n round about which brand is better, but its pointless....

TS or OP as I like to call it....there's no best string, get a few packs and stay with whatever you like the most. Definitely look into the Ernie Ball coated line of strings, and Elixirs.
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