I've been playing for a fairly decent while now, and while I can't always transition between barre chords as I wish I could yet, that's just a practice thing. However, there are several kinds of barre chords I have a great deal of trouble with. These mainly include only cases where my index finger needs to barre 4 or 5 strings, such as a B. I believe this is because since I have such long fingers, if I only use the front of my finger it's very difficult, if possible, to exercise the necessary strength. Not only that, but if I'm barring four strings, the high e string is directly under the first crease in my finger. So here's my question. I know it may sound odd, but I've heard a lot of things that seem arbitrary considered "poor technique" before. If I were to play, say, a standard B barre, obviously playing only the top five strings, or any other such barre chord in which one string isn't played, would it be make a difference or be considered poor technique to barre all six strings regardless?
You probably will get away with playing only the top five.but its in your best interest to practice to barre all six.also,there are other positions on the neck you can play the B chord,you’ll find out soon enough.for now,practice on barring all six strings.it may take a while.but you don’t want to be playing a chord’just for the heck of it’.be professional and take ur music seriously.
Have a good one my friend.
Happy Practicing!
Also dude, i used to have a lot of problems making all the strings ring out properly - an overlooked problem is thumb placement. You'll have a lot better a chance of playing it if the nail of your thumb is nearer the top of the neck. I used to play with my thumb nearer to the underneath of the neck and it made putting necessary pressure on without hurting my hands a real pain. Just something to consider