I have to do an acoustic guitar performance for GCSE music, it can be any style but i have no idea where to start looking for pieces!

I want to do a fingerpicking piece i think, i'll have a few weeks to learn it. I've been playing about 7 years so i'm looking for something thats not too easy.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thanks xxx
~ miss_chatterbox ~
I did More Than Words by Extreme, but I'm guessing that's perhaps too chordy for what you're looking for. (But hey, I got got full marks :P)

Perhaps some of these might work:

~ For My Father - Andy McKee
~ Boureé in E Minor - Bach
~ Dust in the Wind - Kansas
~ Air - Jason Becker (may need to be done on an electric if you want to do the later parts too)
~ Marine Layer - Paul Gilbert
~ One of lonlonjp's arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu or Koji Kondo songs from Final Fantasy, Zelda, etc (find them on gametabs.net, not many are uploaded on UG)
~ Tamacun or Foc - Rodrigo y Gabriela

and I can list helluva lot more if you want
Classical Gas is a good option, because not only it's a good song, but there are also good tabs and transcriptions out there and videos of guys like tommy emmanuel playing it