basically i am geting a new amp soon and im going to put my line 6 on internet to sell.
its a spider 4 15 watt with all the original packaging and reciept etc. it was only bought in april barely used.
how much do you guys think i should sell it for

i know what all you UG'rs think about line 6's so please only sensible offers lol no "just giv it away" replies haha

btw im in england so im loking for ££££
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a used 15 watt spider probably won't get you much... They're $100 brand new. You may have a hard time getting $50 out of it.
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you`ll get about £30-£40, no-one really wants them except parents of beginners and even then they aren`t going to spend alot.......
i generally find out the new price, and then assume you're going to get somewhere between about 30-70%, depending on condition, the market, and just dumb luck (if someone happens to want one)...
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