I need a decent pair of headphones and I am open to suggestion. My budget is around £100-£150

Is there a company known to have a good product range? Im looking for good quality.

Thanks alot
look at sennheisers

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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Sennheisers are fine, I've got the HD428's.
Make sure you listen to the headphones first, and buying too expensive headphones might reveal the bad quality of some music. A lot of metal music tends to be of low quality.
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look at sennheisers

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Cheers, ive decided on Shure SRH840, they seem perfect judging by the reviews.
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Sennheisers are overrated.

I disagree, they make fine products for a good price.
However I do agree that there are some headphones that lack in quality, but all companies have their exceptions.
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Even companies with good products can be overrated.

The industry standard is a pair of Sony MDR V6.

I guess you're right, I wasn't thinking along the lines of the meaning of the word overrated.
Ive heard the quality of sennheisers are random depending on the batch, has anyone got the Shure SRH840's? I need to know if they are worth it.

I was going to go for the SRH750DJ because they are 50mm and the 840's are only 40, but ive heard the 750s need a very high input to get the full bass quality and 40 is more than enough i think. I forgot to say they are for studio monitering purposes and home listening, I just really need to know if they require the same high input as the 750s, because id like to listen to my ipod etc aswell as the studio amps considering its practically bankrupting me as a skint student.

I appreciate the responses, cheers
i'm also looking for headphones.

budget = unlimited (but dont make it too crazy)
genre = metal
gear = ENGL Blackmore with ENGL 412 Cabinet (with V60's).

any advice? (i thought it would be better not to make a brand new thread about this subject)