Ok. Me an a friend have a bet if i win he has to learn a song of my choice, if he win's i have to post a vid on you tube of the song i am learning weather or not i can play.

i have chosen Hand Of Blood by BFMV.

but how do you play this part.


I don't understand how u play the x's on the 6th string.
an x means you mute the string with your fingering hand
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X's are muted notes, your hand touches the string, but you don't fret the neck.
Kind of like a harmonic. You just need to lighly touch the string with your fretting hand. In this case its more of a rythmic pattern. It's the sort of thing I would play slow with a metronome and then increase the speed.
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X's are muted notes, your hand touches the string, but you don't fret the neck.

Generally it's this but to be honest I'd get another tab, that one isn't even in the right tuning: BFMV play in Drop C not Drop D.
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oh ok thankx i didn't even catch that because ik they play in drop c an when i listen to it don't sound like it's muted in those part's