I'm not happy about this but debt is forcing my hand. <_<

Simple stuff. Anniversary copy of a Rickenbacker 4003 with a toaster pickup at the neck and a Seymour Duncan pickup at the bridge. Has a proper stereo jack like the real deal. The truss rod cover is a home made affair (original included) but its a good'n and would look great if someone with a steady hand pained the Rickenbacker logo on it. Also comes with straplocks and a Gator hardcase.

Soundwise, it does come rather close to a Rickenbacker although soloing the toaster pickup can give you sounds close to a Precision bass. There is a noticeable volume cut when both pickups are at the same volume but this is something I've seen in a lot of basses. Currently its strung with some standard gauge Rotosound 77s (flatwounds) which were brand new this morning (before the fateful run in with the cash machine...)

It has a set neck rather than being neck through and the fingerboard is matt rosewood rather than gloss [whatever they use on real Ricks].

The condition is good. Certainly not brand new though, there is wear on the back of the neck (considering its a painted neck I was actually grateful for this as it isn't sticky any more) and a few scratches I couldn't pick up on the camera.

Settled on the price of £350 + pp. Considering the upgraded and goodies I think this is a good price. I wouldn't mind a p/x deal too but I need around £150 to come my way. I'm after stuff like Squiers, Ibanezes, Yamahas, etc. I prefer bigger bodies and bigger necks but I'm not too picky.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a p/x, I'd like a project bass, something I can upgrade over time but I'd like to have a nice start, i.e. a high-end Squier Jazz Bass. A Deluxe, Classic Vintage or Vintage Modified (not fretless). If you have one I'll take that plus only £100.

I will post anywhere at buyer's expense with the case locked and the inside heavily padded. Pickup from Morecambe (NW) is fine too.

Offers, anyone?

Edit: I don't have the original pickups.
Edit 2: Video of me playing the bass, not so great sound quality.
Edit 3: When I mentioned Squiers, I didn't mean just them. I mean all basses of a similar quality to them.