I am considering a rga-7 for my next guitar does anybody know anything about these how they sound any info would be great
well, i have played the rg7620 and own the rg7621 and they are amazing. I dont know much about the rga7 but if its similair to the older sevens its great
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From what I hear the RGA7 is a slightly improved RG7321 (which is highly recommend for many first time lower budget guitarists looking to get into the 7 string arena) with some extra cosmetics, materials and slightly different design with the addition of ibanez active pickups (I've heard they are no better than the passives in the 7321 though).

If you can try the guitar out give it a shot, especially if you can compare it to a 7321 to see which one you prefer. Some other popular 7 string guitars in that price range are LTD SC-207, Schecter Damien, and Agile Septor Std 725 RN.