Wasn't sure if I should post here or Musician Talk. How do I get a beat to "swing"? Like a blues beat. What I mean is, how does it break down into notes? It seems like it's maybe just a 64th note off, but I don't know.

Like this:

NOT this:

EDIT: probably should have clarified more. I'm working in Pro Tools and I want to create a groove/swing beat using the MIDI editor window, but I don't know what gives the beat its "swing"
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a rhythm that swings is different because the notes are divide into triplets rather than groups of 2/4/8/whatever.

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it's not really a definate rhythm
imagine 4 eighth notes, the 1st and 3rd are long and the 2nd and 4th are short.
it's like that or
a quarter note and an eighth note with a triplet symbol above it
use a compound time such as 12/8 instead of 8/8. 12/4 is 4 beats made up of 3 notes. a shuffle is a quarter note followed by an eighth note, and then repeat. so see this:

you have to set up your song right basicly.