I have a 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top and I want to change the pickups on it. I'm in the process of completely gutting out and upgrading all the potts., the toggle switch, the 1/4" cable jack, adding strap locks on and rewiring the entire guitar with a heavier gauge wire. Now, I just need a good set of "rock" pickups to finish it off with. Should I go with a set of Gibson Pickups designed for a traditional Gibson Les Paul as an upgrade or should I throw a nice set of Seymore Duncan pickups in it? I'm willing to spend $200 for the pickups and I play mainly rock. Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Foo Fighter's, Green Day, etc., etc.. Any ideas on a great set of pickups for the style I play? Any model numbers or names would be a HUGE help! Thanks in advance! ChuckMo

Being serious, you could get some great Seymour Duncans or Dimarzios for around that price.
LOL I'm buying a sweet Schecter that will come with EMG's installed in the near future for heavier, thrash playing, gquady09, but I hear ya! LOL

I was leaning towards just getting a nice set Seymore Duncan humbucker's for it but I'm torn between those and trying basically keep with all Gibson equipment (i'm installing all new Gibson Les Paul Custom upgrades right down to the plastic parts (changing them from white to black)). Thanks for the TYPE of Seymore Duncans EyeHatePunks! I have Alnico ll magnets in the pickups that came with the guitar itself but they're not Seymore Duncans and my ear is getting better with time. I MUST rip them out and get the best pickups I can get for my style and for around $200-$250 so THANK YOU SO MUCH both of you!!!

Any other suggestions out there?
I would look into Guitarforce pickups.

for the styles of music you play I would suggest

bridge pickup - Rebelfire
neck pickup - Lord of the Blues

the rebelfire is a very balanced pickup. It does it all really good. It is medium output but it hot enough to push the front end of an amp into some overdrive as well as clean up very well. It is very articulate and has an amazing clarity to it. It is also very responsive to attack

the lord of the blues is by far my favorite neck pup. very clear and will do the sounds you are looking for with no problem.
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