Seriously wtf did Linkin Park do for this album?..and what does everything think about it?

why the F%^k would you change something that has been working for years and years. I liked all of their albums including M2M even tho it had some bad songs...but this is just horrible....Techno/digital shit should be boycotted doesn't prove you have talent at all.

I think the worst thing about it is the fact that b/c they're doing this..more bands are gonna start with this shit. >..we already have crappy music out there, we don't need more...

All Hail Metallica & Maiden
I love how electronic music=no talent to a lot of guitarists.
Electronic music, such as Daft Punk or Deadmau5, is much better than the same I IV V chords over and over again played my many rock bands.

But that is my opinion. I've not listened to Linkin Park since Hyrbid Theory or whatever. So I have no opinion towards that, but calling a musician who uses a different instrument(s) talentless is pretty harsh man.
All hail metallica & maiden? are you serious? Anyway, nobody wants to do the same thing on every album. It just shows that they are in it to do what they want, not just to please people. Like it or hate it, it's what they decided to do at this point in their lives.
Because people change

On a side note:
Also, Chester's voice is not what it used to be, making all that screaming harder and painful
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I understand ppl change...and sometimes for the best....but I think its totally opposite of what Nemx162 said...i don't think they're doing it for themselves, i think they're doing it for the people...If you look at their reviews and interviews mike shinoda said " everyone should catch up"...which is fine...but that's not doin it for themselves.. Idk maybe they r but..im upset cuz i really like the band..and they did the whole rock/rap thing great....now i feel like these songs are for the clubs..am i wrong?
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Techno/digital shit should be boycotted doesn't prove you have talent at all.


could you do this?
then don't tell me this doesn't take any talent

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All Hail Metallica & Maiden

Seriously though, they're trying to change their sound in order to appeal to more people. We call this selling out. What did you expect from a mainstream band who's average fan is 15 years old?
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Did the remix album not clue you in to the fact that they liked this kind of thing?
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Did the remix album not clue you in to the fact that they liked this kind of thing?


Reanimation was the most electronic album they ever put out before A Thousand Suns. Wouldn't you have heard it before? sense you said you liked all of their albums?
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