So this summer is when I really began training my ear when my computer broke. I have been playing guitar for 5 years so making the connection between my ear and brain is pretty simple so right now im looking for easy guitar solos to learn and transcribe by ear and when I say easy I mean like beginner just so i can get my ear used to making the connection. If you know any songs with really easy guitar solos please let me know.


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Holiday by Greenday is very simple. Shouldn't be too hard.
Smells Like Teen Spirit is also easy.
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'Paranoid' was a pretty simple one I found when I first started transcribing. Also Solitude by sabbath is real simple. Maybe nothing else matters aswell........?

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Hotel Califonia. Its so melodic even with a beginner ear you'll know whether you have it or not and you'll be able able to correct it.

WRONG WRONG...with respect Mike, of course! Dude, that song kicked my ass when I decided to transcribe it by ear in the 80s There are some VERY subtle things going on where the distance of a half step difference almost indiscernible because I was so close but off, yet I couldnt figure out how or where it was, and theres that chromatic country walkdown in the middle part some of that which used double stops. Genius solo and eventually I managed to figure it out...but there were so many crazy nuances to that song that it made figuring other songs a breeze. I also had a similar time/trouble in those days transcribing Skynnrd solos.

But for a beginner - it will fry your ass...It kicked my ear into shape but it took a long time...one of the most epic solos I ever tried to work out by ear...

An easy solo to work out would be something like All Right Now - by Free...then go over and work out The Reaper break by Blue Oyster Cult...BOTH parts, the classical minor accompaniment during the break and the crazy solo - that was a fun one. I felt cool for a while on that one.

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Get the Duane Allman anthologies and the Allman Brothers' At Fillmore East. There's stuff of all difficulties in there.
thank you very much

[thread="1123944"]THIS WORLD IS JUST A DREAM[/thread]
[thread="1372935"]STORY BOOK[/thread]
[thread="25616910"]PURE OF HEART[/thread]
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